Icebreakers for Virtual Meetings That Are Fun and Creative

Another great virtual ice-breaker is to ask your team about their most recent TV series obsession. This exercise is especially good for newly-formed teams, as it encourages people to share their interests and preferences. It’s fun to find out that a colleague is watching the same show as you, just be careful with spoilers!

With an online photo stream, your employees have the chance to share personal photos of those closest to them and give each other a peek into their lives. Working remotely can sometimes cause the days to blur together. A daily just-for-fun TINYpulse survey can help break up the monotony and help your employees feel more connected. A week or so later, follow up and ask them to create a headline for what you’ll be doing in 10 years. This virtual team-building activity in particular is also good for mission alignment and helps your employees think more innovatively. Using a riddle or brain teaser as an icebreaker is an easy way to engage your employees and start a group dialogue.

Virtual water cooler

Therefore, playing this game will trigger instant communication between the team members in the game as well as outside the game. Movie fanatics across any team or department will enjoy questions about them. Ask coworkers which genres they’d rather watch, or which they’d want to be in. Nothing fills a meeting with smiles like photos of colleagues’ furry friends. Take turns showing off the cutest pictures and videos of your pet. Have your team members share their screen or send a file to the team leader to share with everyone.

icebreakers for virtual team meetings

But before we melt into a puddle of anxiety about the thought of answering questions, we have to do something really important. It is not necessary icebreakers for virtual meetings to only target professional achievements during a virtual meeting. Instead, the personal achievements of the employees should also be celebrated.

Advantages of our virtual icebreakers

This works best with larger meetings and events when a large number of emojis gets submitted. A would you rather question is a guaranteed icebreaker that will spark a lively discussion at the start of your meeting.

icebreakers for virtual team meetings

You can start easy if you’d like or give them a couple challenging riddles right off the bat. So give each group 2-3 different riddles to solve, and the first group done, wins (if you’re trying to make it a competition).

Two Truths, One Lie

Give everyone a conversation starter to answer and set a timer for two minutes. When the call begins, share the details about your photo! The more ridiculous the photo, the more laughs you’ll get out of this icebreaker. Before the video call starts, send out a team message to find an embarrassing/awkward/proud/awesome/proud photo on their phone and post it in the group chat. And if you want better meetings, you MUST send this article to your meeting planner. I’m going to convince you to upgrade the age-old icebreaker. Use BlueJeans’ Collaboration Whiteboard for ice-breakers.

  • The key element to better teamwork, whether in person or remote, is connection.
  • Similar to Charades, Guess Who is a great icebreaker where you can mimic famous people — or even your coworkers.
  • All answers are valid, whether they want to go somewhere distant or closer to him.
  • This is crucial in a virtual meeting where it’s super easy to tune out.

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